Speaking + Consulting

George Gopen’s consulting services are offered in a variety of settings–from large group lectures, to smaller and more immersive group tutorials, and individual consultations. His approach to the language is so radically different from the advice normally given about writing that it amounts to a paradigm shift in the field.


  • Bank of America
  • Bristol-Meyers Squibb
  • Duke University
  • Harvard University
  • Johns Hopkins Medical Center
  • JPMorgan Chase & Company
  • U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC]
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • U.S. National Institutes of Health

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George Gopen has lectured to tens of thousands of professionals in the United States and around the world as a professional writing consultant. Since he began this work in 1978, he has consulted with over 165 companies and organizations of varying focuses, including law firms, scientific research institutions, academic institutions, and governmental agencies. His “The Reader Expectation Approach” to writing is immediately accepted wherever he presents it in lecture. The Canadian government now uses it in creating all of its federal legislation.

Group Lecture

Learn to apply and practice new principles and techniques of writing through an interactive lecture. Programs can vary in length and structure depending on the needs of the group. Lecture sessions typically run for either one or two days of either 8 or 9 hours. Group size is flexible, extending to the hundreds; but an ideal number ranges between 12-18 people.

The lectures are priced at a fixed rate of $6,000 per day.

This was a sensational event. I got far more out of it than I expected going in. It really got me thinking in a new way about my writing and I have been enjoying wrestling with new ways to communicate more clearly in response.

Allan McGrew, Ph.D.— Associate Professor of Geology, University of Dayton

Your visit has had a huge impact on people here at UD. I continue to get unsolicited feedback…The approach is so simple, yet it can be applied to the most complex content. In fact, the more complex the content, the more your approach can help! Although written communication may be the most critical skill to master, very few professionals I know feel confident in their writing. I think the reason your message resonates so strongly with people is that they are finally given the tool set they need to communicate well. Even those who write well may not know WHY they write well. It’s like a longheld mystery has been solved! They can now go forth with confidence.

Mary Connolly— College of Arts and Sciences, University of Dayton

Dr. Gopen has mastered the ability to tailor his wealth of writing knowledge to any situation. He is a gifted and animated speaker who keeps his audience engaged in the learning process. Dr. Gopen’s lessons have served me well in my early scientific career; I have also noticed improvements in my communication and writing outside of the laboratory. I highly recommend Dr. Gopen’s instruction for all writers who wish to improve their ability to communicate with the reader.

Kyle J. Miller— Duke University School of Medicine

Tutorial Sessions

The lectures can be enhanced by the addition of tutorial sessions. George will see either two or three people simultaneously, in either 60 or 90 minutes, respectively. In that time, he can successfully analyze the writing style of each participant, leaving them with only one or two habits to change. While this begins for a writer as part of the editing process, it soon becomes part of the writing of the initial draft. Eventually, writers become not only better, but faster.

A maximum of 12 people can be seen each day. For example, an engagement may last a full week, with Dr. Gopen lecturing to 500 people on Monday, then seeing 48 people in tutorial sessions Tuesday–Friday.

We recommend including a follow-up round of tutorials – a few days, weeks or even months later.

I am a professional writer by default–and your training has changed my approach to writing, forever. This is fantastic stuff, and I thank you very much for sharing it. I am eager for you to return, and provide training for more of our students, postdocs and investigators.

Adam Bailis, Ph.D.— Associate Dean for Professional Development, Irell & Manella Graduate School of Biological Sciences

Individual Consultation

George offers one-on-one writing consultation meetings for individuals who are working on large, important projects, especially grant proposals. For these intensive, individual consultations, Dr. Gopen can see a maximum of two people per day. Please call for details.

In the past, individuals have flown from as far as Europe for a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Gopen:

In my professional career, many colleagues have edited my important documents. While these colleagues were helpful with any particular document, none were able to show me the reason my writing was difficult to understand. With George Gopen’s assistance I was able not only to understand why my documents were awkward when read but also to gain the skills necessary for making future documents more understandable. In this regard George Gopen’s consultancy is unique; he is perhaps the only person in the world who offers such a service. To have my writing style professionally analyzed and corrected, I traveled from Oslo, Norway. With this said, I would highly recommend consulting with George Gopen – his service will improve not only the document of interest but also your writing style.

Adam Robertson— Group Leader, Department of Molecular Microbiology, Oslo University Hospital


To learn more about consulting by George Gopen or to schedule a program, email questions and information to george@georgegopen.com consulting or call +1 (855) 713-1090.